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'Newfound Warp 3 and Picstart 16-B'
1998\03\22@145138 by Don McKenzie

Robert Walker wrote:
> Hi,
>         I bought a Warp3 mid last year, and found it very easy to use.
>         The product is relatively cheap, easy to use software, and
> best
>         of all supports a number of different types of PICs.
>         Recent surfs to Dontronics and his links show later upgrades
> in
>         firmware (I must look into sometime :-)) show that this
> product
>         is being supported.

Upgrades are now free for all owners of PP1 and Warp-3.
Well all you need is your own 57/XT or JW part to program.
to download the hex files and PC dos drivers.

Don't forget the file upgrade for the Picstart 16-B at:
This is also free, but un-supported.

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon
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