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PICList Thread
'Newfound Warp 3'
1998\03\19@163802 by Brad Stockdale

Hello all,

  Has anyone used the Newfound PIC Programmer Warp-3? If so, whats your
opinions on it?

Brad Stockdale


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1998\03\21@221151 by Robert Walker


       I bought a Warp3 mid last year, and found it very easy to use.

       The product is relatively cheap, easy to use software, and best
       of all supports a number of different types of PICs.

       Recent surfs to Dontronics and his links show later upgrades in
       firmware (I must look into sometime :-)) show that this product
       is being supported.

       The only problem, if you can call it a problem is that it is NOT
       a production programmer (due to the voltages on verification), but
       if you are like me just a hobbyist or setting them self up, then
       I can recommend it (Dontronics for instance, can supply the unit
       with or without the ZIF sockets, thus keeping the price down even

       I suupose the only thing down on it is that it does not come when
       purchased as a FULL unit with a jiffy case to keep it neat and
       protected, but hey, that would cost extra and is easy to purchase
       from some electronics supplier.

       In conclusion, if all you want to program is 84s then use one of
       those do it your self jobs, but if you are keen to go to other
       PICs then this in my opinion can not be beaten for its ease of use
       and price.

Robert Walker.

1998\03\22@160144 by jcp


>    Has anyone used the Newfound PIC Programmer Warp-3? If so, whats your
> opinions on it?

The user interface is Dos based, however I have used it under
Windows 95, now under NT4.0. I was surprised that it worked
under NT4, without a hitch.
One nice feature is the lockout on the protection bits, which prevents
accidents during development.
I would recommend it.

Integration Solutions
702 Henley Rd
Kangaroo Ground  Vic 3097

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