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'New upgrade Idea for PS 16C. Have your say.'
1999\03\28@223821 by Jim Robertson

Hi folks,

As a result of an email from one of the recipients of my free tait style
firmware upgrade, I am asking around to determine the interest in an idea
he suggested.

Basically there is no reason why the PS16C cannot be modified to program ALL
mid range PICs ONBOARD. The only requirement would be to add two transistors
and 3 resistors or 2x this if you want to include the 14000. The socket could
be wired up in a way similar to either the P16PRO or the PROPIC.

I would provide firmware in either a '84 or '558 chip depending on whether
you wanted MPLAB compatibility or not. Yes, this baby could be MPLAB

I don't plan to go ahead with this idea though unless there is some indication
that there is interest so please email me if you are keen.



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