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'New uP with 4 Channel hardware PWM - was 8 channe'
2000\04\18@072243 by Russell McMahon

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Here's the new processor I mentioned a few weeks back.
Its now been officially announced.
It's not a PIC and it's not vapourware - real silicon exists including bind
out chip s and an emulator will be available shortly.

Looks like another attempt to keep uChip honest :-)
Should be a very nice device for selected bottom to medium applications.
Lack of EEROM seems the biggest omission.
Better than 8 bit A2D would have been nice but ...

It's a member of Philip's LPC (Low Pin Count) 8051 based microprocessor
I'm asked to tell you DON'T HASSLE PHILIPS over this please.
The sales people can't tell you more than I can tell you here. The chip will
turn up as a real product "soon".
I can get a little extra information for people who really really really
want to know but only if you need it for a real use asap please.

Remember, please
or I will probably not get as good information next time :-(

The chip is the 87LPC768.
It's much the same as the existing 87LPC767 with a 4 channel hardware PWM
tacked on.
PWM can be at 20 MHz or any integer submultiple thereof BUT all PWM's run at
same basic frequency.

Clock frequency is 20 MHz but it behaves like a 40 MHz 8051 due to a /6
clock divide - ie 300 nS per basic instruction.
87LPC767 datasheet is available on the net so all except PWM features can be
found out about in detail

Cost is said to be "low"

Key features include -

- 4 x PWM 2 to 10 bits clocked at up to 20 MHz.
- I squared C
- 4 KB OTP
- 128 byte RAM
- 32 byte customer eprom for serialisation etc
- 8 bit A2D x 4 channel x 9.3uS
- 2 x Comparators
- 2 x 16 bit timers
- Crystal or RC clock
- Vdd 4 to 6v at 20 MHz
- Vdd 2.7 to 6v at 10 MHz
- 8 x keypad interrupts plus 2 other external interrupts
- Watchdog, own osc, 8 settings
- on chip reset with no external components option
- 2 level low voltage reset OR interupt
- Osc fail detect
- Range of port pin options (std silly quasi i/o plus several others).
- 15 i/o (18 with on chip osc & reset)
- 20 pin PDIP and SO
- 1uA Stop mode
- Serial programming.

UART has nice 9th bit address recognise feature which allows it to ignore a
data stream until it's own address comes along.

For 8 x hardware PWM, 2 of these connected via either UART or I^2C would

Low cost true emulator (ie with full speed hardware trace buffer) available

     Russell McMahon

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