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'New kind of SIMULATOR'
1997\03\13@110813 by Philippe TECHER

Hi all,

I just finish a new simulator program, there is a demo available on my WEB

Demo is TEXT UUE coded due to some ftp problem.
Dowload it and enjoy.

Virtual Micro Design


1997\03\13@115641 by Martin McCormick

       I am the person who was asking about simulating a 16F84 with mpsim.
I received Email from Philippe TECHER privately about this simulator.
There appears to be some sort of domain name service problem in relation to
the address as my mailer could not resolve it and I was not able to respond
privately.  Thanks for letting me know about your product.  I neglected to
state that I do not use Windows, but it sounds like a good deal for those
developing PIC applications in a production environment.  I am
cheap^H^H^H^H^Hfrugal so I am trying to use all the free stuff I can when
it actually is suitable for the job at hand.  Again, many thanks.

Martin McCormick

In message <>, Philippe TECHER write
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