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'Need low-noise analog design consultant'
1998\03\12@164659 by Craig Webb

I need an analog expert to redesign a low-noise front end for medical
purposes (to measure EMG and EEG - signals in the low microvolt range). The
system we have has a million Megaohm (10^12) input impedance, 130dB CMRR,
and 12 bit resolution,  but the signal waves around too much if the cables
are jiggled.

I have seen systems that somehow minimize this effect, and need someone who
could help redesign such a front end on a contract basis.

Craig Webb

1998\03\12@214141 by Wayne Foletta

You don't really need to redesign the analog front-end - if I understand your
it is a cable problem. You need to use low microphonics or low piezoelectric
cables. Check on
the Net for low-microphonic-noise cables. The best I have used have a low
capacitance, low
piezoelectric coefficient insulator and carbon powder shield lubricant. I used
them for both
medical and seismic geophone transducer designs. I am assuming that you are
using electrode
gel, of course, to reduce the electrode motion noise and CMRR related 60 Hz

Wayne Foletta
Design Engineer
Data Acquisition Products
SiliconSoft, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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