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'Need help with the 16c74 usart'
1997\03\03@094152 by Wicks, Brenda J.

Hello everyone,

I am a new pic user and have no previous microcontroller experience.  I
am using the '74' to send data
out, receive the data back, and compare the the two to see if they are
the same .  I am having problem with sending out my data.  I would
appreciate any examples of SCI ASYNCHRONOUS TX and RX code  that someone
could send my way.  I hope to return the favor once I get become
familiar with the pic chips.

                       Once again thank-you,

                               Brenda (

1997\03\04@100347 by Dennis Long

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Hi Brenda,

Check out the care and feeding of article located at


Wicks, Brenda J. wrote:
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1997\03\04@170813 by Peter Grey

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At 10:02 AM 4/03/97 -0500, you wrote:


I am using the PIC16C73 to do serial comms and the problems I had were in
the setting up of the various registers. If you email me the code where you
set things up I will have a look at this for you. I am only using the
receive section so far as I have no need of transmit side.

Good luck

Peter Grey

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