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PICList Thread
'Nearly FREE...Bar Code Readers'
1997\02\18@223733 by Mark G. Forbes

I've got about 100 circuit boards that could be used
for bar code readers, or anything else that needs to
reflectively detect light and dark.

Circuit summary:

A Hewlett-Packard HBCS-1100 bar code reader head, with
emitter and detector, and focusing optics, is mounted
at the end of a 1" x 2" circuit board. Two .150 diameter
mounting holes provide a means of physical attachment.
The reader feeds a current-to-voltage converter (LM358N)
which in turn feeds a LM311N buffer stage for logic-level
outputs. A 3-pin polarized connector (.100 centers, .025sq pin)
is mounted coplanar with the board to provide the interface.
Pin 1=5V
Pin 2=Ground
Pin 3=Output   5V=Black, 0V=White

These detectors go about $8 in volume, more if you buy just
a few. With the board and such, they're worth even more.

I'd like to get $2 for each one, mostly to cover postage. Any
surplus goes to the PICLIST fund. I'll throw in a nice-looking
schematic, too. As with most of these things, it's first-come,
first-served. If you're not in the USA, you'll need to provide
equivalent local currency....not that I'm going to convert it,
but I figure it's my one chance to get some samples of money
from far corners of the planet.

If you want a bunch of them, let me know by email and I'll
figure out what the cost will be. If you decide it's just
what you need for a product or something, I'll be happy to
throw in the Gerber files for the board layout so you can
make thousands of them. :-)

We were going to use these in a product, and then it got canceled.
Seems you really can't count on the vast majority of people to
insert a card smoothly enough to read a barcode. If you're going
to do that, you need to wait for full insertion, then use an
imaging-type reader to grab the whole barcode at once. Oh, well.

*DON'T* send me email on this! If you want one or more, send
The exception is volume-quantity requests.

Use my work address, and be sure to include your return mailing
address. I'll bulk 'em up and ship 'em out in a couple weeks, or
whenever I run out. If I get close to running out, I'll post a
note to that effect.

Mark G. Forbes, R & D Engineer  |  Acres Gaming, Inc.    (541) 766-2515
KC7LZD                          |  815 NW 9th Street     (541) 753-7524 fax                |  Corvallis, OR 97330

"There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing

1997\02\20@012424 by opt*oeng

Mark G. Forbes wrote:
{Quote hidden}

I have sent you a check for $20 to cover 10 units.  Thanks.
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Paul Mathews, consulting engineer
AEngineering Co.

non-contact sensing and optoelectronics specialists

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