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'Multiplexing via serial output'
1998\01\05@085842 by Philip Martin

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Happy new year to all on the list and thanks for all the help over the
last year.

Ahh well, a new year and a new problem.

Question, has anybody used the SGS Thomson M5450B7 LED Display Driver.
This has a serial input with 34 outputs.

Why?. My problem and thoughts:

I need to drive a graphics display made up from 8 led modules, each
being an 8*8 matrix. The arrangement would be 64 addressable rows by 8
(16) driver columns. I say 8 (16) columns as these are bi colour
with each column having a Red and Green anode.

My thought is that two of the above units could provide the row data and
this would only mean a multiplex cycle of 8 * columns. My feeling is
that each column should be active for 10ms, so the question is would the
display drivers cycle that fast and perhaps more to the point would a
pic be able to handle the serial output that fast. There is also the
question of chip output, in that can any of the chips have two serial

Any thoughts or recommendations would be most welcome.


Philip Martin   ----------------------------------------------------------------
Royal Quays             If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit:
North Shields.          no use being a damn fool about it !
                                                       W.C. Fields

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