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'More on resonators'
1998\09\04@210626 by Harold Hallikainen

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       I've been using the murata standard (I think its a CST series) 16
MHz resonator with internal capacitors on a 16c74a for a few years now
with no problem.  When choosing this resonator, murata told me that they
were characterizing resonators for the Microchip chips at that time.
       A couple weeks ago we found one date code on the 16c74a what
would not work with the resonator we had been using.  Finding nothing on
the murata USA web site, I called their rep, and was told to follow the
link from their main page to murata in Japan.  There I found a neat
search engine where you key in the number of the chip you're using, and
it will suggest murata resonator for that chip.  I found a resonator for
the 16c74a.  It looks like it's similar to the standard one, but the
capacitors are smaller.
       Sorry for the lack of detail here... I'm writing this on a train.
But, I know there's been a lot of discussion on resonators, including a
lot by me a couple years ago!


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