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'More facts on which PIC programmer, plus the 16-B,'
1998\03\11@193007 by Don McKenzie

Dan Walkowski wrote:
> At 01:49 PM 3/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >> HEya everyone!
> >>
> >>    Well, I have yet another decision to make: which PIC
> programmer/package
> >> should I buy? The ones that I have looked seriously at are:
> Ok, I've been sitting by the sidelines for weeks, seeing this question
> get
> asked again and again.  "Which programmer should I buy?"


> it is very reliable, and has support from Microchip.
> Unless you are trying not to spend more than $50, or don't care about
> programming anything except an 84, it seems like the obvious choice.
> What is up with you people? :)
> Dan

Here are some more facts and answers to the original question.

The Dontronics DT001 board is 6" by 4", DSPT silk screen solder mask,
and available for around $27USD just as a board, no parts. It's also a
development platform for Simmstick (a $6USD target board), so that
instant program/run can be done with 84 micros. To my knowledge, this is
the only programmer that off the shelf has this feature of a simple
load/go hardware isolated switch built in. This design has been around
since Feb-95.
The basic design comes from the well known "David Tait" garden variety.

Third party software such as:
P16PRO PIC programmer
TATO Computers
work with it on a vast range of pic micros.
Plus software via Nigel Goodwin that handles the C84 and F84 versions
for DOS, W95 and NT.

DT001 is a parallel printer port programmer.

If you don't want to buy it, then build your own equivalent from the
freely available schematics and software.

A full list server "SiUser List", much the same as this piclist is used
for self support of all Dontronics and Simmstick products. This also
covers items such as Predko-Wirz SLI-LCD support, mEL Picbasic, FED
Basic, etc.
Anything that has been installed onto a SimmStick is fair game for the
When you can't get your DT001 board working, there are several hundred
others that can assist on line. Many Piclisters are on the Siuser list,
so they know what I am talking about.

The Warp-3 is programmed via a serial port.
It is available without sockets for ~$64USD assembled and tested. (plus
It has a 5 pin header on the end of the board that can be used to jumper
off to a ZIF socket or adapter of your choice. The hex code is available
on the web for user support, when your unit croaks one day. You can burn
a cheap spare in advance. :-)

With all 3 ZIF sockets fitted? ~$97USD.

Here are the current specs, known as Phoenix compatible:

Supports many more PIC devices including the 12C50x and 40-pin parts!
    Supports the Data EEPROM on the 16C84 and 16F83/84
    Offers the best support available for the PIC14000 devices
    12C671,672 (untested)
    16C61,62,62A,620,621,622,63,64,64A,641,642,65, 66,661,662,67
    16C71,710,711,715,72,73,73A,74,74A (76,77 untested)
    16C84,16F83,F84 (Including full data eeprom support!)


and for Warp-3 and Mac's:

and if you have an old 16-B that doesn't perform:

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon
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