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'Microchip Seminar Auckland NZ'
1999\04\24@073637 by Russell McMahon

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Microchip Seminar Auckland New Zealand
May 18th
Ellerslie Race Course
All day
See Arrow for invitation.
Auckland 622 0101

ATMEL AVR seminar is also same day
?Logan Campbell Centre?
Morning only.
Also lunch
Also free
See REC (woz GEC) for invite
AK 476 9131

Gotta go to both ! :-)
This SHOULD mean 2 lunches but will probably mean none :-(

Russell McMahon

1999\04\24@161916 by Stuart Meier

For the US, the Microchip website says FEE - don't know for UK yet (calling

Stuart Meier
{Original Message removed}

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