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'MicroController Design Contest finishes in just ov'
1999\10\21@172340 by Don McKenzie

MicroController Design Contest finishes in just over One Week.

Microcontroller Design Contest $500USD First Prize.
SimmStick Design Contest99 closes end of October.

SimmStick currently supports MicroChip and Atmel micros.

SimmStick is a small PCB 3.5" long and 1" or more high that has a 30
pin edge connector as well as provision for 30 by .1" posts. The edge
connector mates with the 30 pin memory socket type connectors that
have been around for many years now.

SimmStick now has dealers in 21 countries.

What can be done with SimmStick?

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon:
Australian Electronics Ring
Win $500USD Cash. Micro design contest:

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