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'MicroChip Ecommerce site'
2000\05\10@195313 by Arthur

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Subject: MicroChip Ecommerce site

Anybody have anything good to say about:
It sucks!

I don't.  It took them 4 days just to
acknowledge my order.  God knows how
long it will take to get.  I phoned them
and the person hasn't bothered to call
back or email me.  It turns out there
are some things they will ONLY sell
there and not through distribution!
It sucks!

PLUS they want $15 to send me the stuff.
Heck it is just in the next state over.
No shipping options.  In fact most of
their selections have only 1 choice.
It sucks!

And their buy site is SLOW too.
It sucks!

Not a Happy Customer,


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