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PICList Thread
'Maillist vs. Newsgroup'
1997\01\09@124342 by Jim Johnson

I would prefer the PICLIST to stay as a mailing list.  I have access to and use
the newsgroups but actually get more out of the mailing list format.  I have at
least reviewed the contents of every message in this mail list as it is readily
accessable.  With the newsgroups you need to select the messages to read and
run the chance to miss something that may be of value to you.  The subject field
in both cases are often misleading and I can't see having to select every
message in order to 'review' it.

Keep the Maillist.


                                 Jim Johnson
                        Electronic & Software Engineer
                             The Belhaven Group
                           Kennewick, Washington

                             The Belhaven Group
         System Integration  Wireless Monitoring/Telecommunications
                         Electronic/Software Design

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