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1999\01\30@160623 by Cumhur Kizilari

Has anybody experienced about Moving TEXTS on LED DISPLAYS.

1999\01\30@173430 by dave vanhorn

At 10:58 PM 1/30/99 +0200, Cumhur Kizilari wrote:
>Has anybody experienced about Moving TEXTS on LED DISPLAYS.

Use well-separated power supplies for display and logic :)

It's just a bit-map.

1999\01\30@181448 by paulb

Cumhur Kizilari wrote:

> Has anybody experienced about Moving TEXTS on LED DISPLAYS.

 Common name: "Times Square displays" (referring to New York.)

 My expertise is the detailed study of things as they are already
implemented (reverse- engineering).  I have a number of these displays
and have studied the implementation.  I have yet to study the software
in detail (takes time) but expect I know a few tricks.

 Now the question:  What do you want to know?  What do you already
know!  I haven't compiled a FAQ, and am not aware of one on-line, so
answers will be focussed on the finer points as required.

 A design was published in "Electronics Today" (magazine) in Australia
some years back.  Ah!  I know who did it, 'twas Don, who is on this
list, but it is not really current.  He probably can quote the issue
more easily than I, but whether you could find it in a library...

 Second try:  A more recent offering in "Silicon Chip" magazine (again,
Australian), February 1997.  A stripped-down version, uses the same
hardware (there are in fact, very few different ways to perform the
task) and relies (totally) on a PC running DOS to work.

 You'll find it at ,
fifth item on this page.  Sorry, no on-line circuit.  It's in the mag.
       Paul B.

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