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'Looking for radio module supplier (bis sorry for H'
1998\06\10@104633 by Celle Benoit

I'd like to have wireless transmission (short range) to my PIC-based
measurement application. I heard from the list about linx technologies
company providing cost-effective radio modules called LC series (350
feet, 4800 bps).
I had a look to the data sheets from their web that seemed to fit my
application needs.
When I ask to order 3 emitter/receiver modules (I'm just a hobbyist), I
was answered
I had, as a prerequisite, to buy their evaluation kit first before
buying any  parts.
Did anyone experience this before?
Thanks for any person of the list that already bought linx parts to get
in touch with me
by e-mail.

Benoit CELLE

1998\06\10@120637 by Harrison Cooper

               After reading a posting on here about a company called
DVP, I ordered a set of demo boards from them, and now have ordered an
additional 4 sets for remote control of a system I am building
(basically replacing hardwire connections thus no conduit, junction
boxes etc).  Carmen has been great to work with, responding quickly and
efficiently to all my requests (she is the general manager there).  So
far so good with their product.

      <>  is the URL for them.
Just another happy customer.


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