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'Look at my code'
1997\03\24@184439 by baz

picon face
Hi, I am learning the PIC, and I have designed and made a system to scroll a
message in the air
when the unit is waved. The system works on the same principle os David Tates
spinning clock. My system uses 5 leds in a column, and works quite
happily. Unfortunately, I need more program space, and I was
wondering with the PIC experts out there, could someone look over my
code and either
a) correct it
b) make it more efficient (use less program space)
c)throw it away, laugh it me and then tell me how its done :)
A full specification of the system is on my homepage (save on
bandwith eh). my address is
It would be great if anyone could help.

P.S if you want the code, go and get it. Thats what its for!

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