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PICList Thread
'Let us discuss it!'
1997\03\15@123809 by Alex Bogdan

Hello dear PIC-LIST subscribers!
I could not even expect such an overwhelming reaction to my simple ad
"Subcontractors are Welcome!" In truth, the job calls for very simple,
university-like projects and it is oriented to
part-time/enthusiast/student/summer-time type of activity! I was a
professor of one of the European Universities for 10 years and I know
more than anybody else how important for students to have this kind of
additional income and be a part of some real project! More than that! If
our relationship with the potential subcontractor will develop
successfully we can offer to  him/her  the full time position in our
company. In my past experience I found that this kind of exercises are
very good tools to grow work force for the company. We are already
working with two university students and the results that we are getting
are quite encouraging! We did not mentioned students in this ad because
I'm convinced  that there are many other enthusiasts who would entertain
this opportunity to become more professional in PICs and ern a few
additional dollars! The reason why we put $25US an hour rate in the ad is
to  clearly state:

1. It is a real job!
2. The job does not call for the full range of consulting services
3. It is very simple (more or less LED flushing) device
4. It is a start (potentially) of the long-term relationship (depending
on the performance level)
5. No liability

If some of you "professionals" are offended by this rate, simply ignore
it. It is not for you! But I'm really disappointed with some of your
reactions because you completely missed the point! I can do it my self! I
have 30 years of experience! But I feel that if I can combine needs of my
company with some support for enthusiasts then entire industry will win!
You can donate to the PICLIST, but you also can create jobs for the PIC
enthusiasts! So, I would like to hear from you folks! Are you with me on
that one? If the majority of you disagree with me, I'll withdraw the ad.
But if you support my idea I would like to continue this practice to
attract more people to this wonderful PIC-World!
And don't worry, LUMION has money to pay for the job. We are public
company and we are OK!

1997\03\15@125851 by Stanley Koontz


I'm a college senior majoring in EE. I would love to come help but it's to
far away.

The opportunity you offer is a great one so don't let anyone tell you

I would kill for an hourly rate like that and the experience would be
paramount in starting a career.

Plus it would be fun !!!!!

Everybody starts at the bottom, it's nice to have a helping hand.

Thanks for the opportunity,

Stanley Koontz

1997\03\15@132352 by slm5g

I too am a college senior, I'm majoring in Electronics/Computer
and I think this would be a great experience as an internship.

Like some others on the group I think I may have initially misunderstood
to whom this job was targeted and so I didn't respond to the offer.  It
seemed a bit intimidating for me and not knowing what the project
was and/or if I could handle the size of the project by myself several
hundred miles away...?

After reading Alex's clarification it does sound like a good opportunity
for those of us trying to get some "real world" experience.  Personally,
I'm doing my senior project and a full load of school work while already
envolved in more things than I have time/money for.  I know most of my
classmates are in the same boat.  I wish this had come around last


Stanley Koontz wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1997\03\15@142059 by Alex Bogdan

Stanley Koontz wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Thank you for support!

1997\03\16@011247 by Dennis Frost

Alex it is my opinion that posts like yours are valuable.

Most professionals wouldn't work for $25US an hour but I know of a few
people who would appreciate the chance to gain valued experience and
because of their low overheads they could easily justify $25/hr.

I feel that if you don't like the offer it is your privilege to ignore it.
Don't chase away an offer that others with less experience & opportunity
may appreciate.

This post sure is stirring up a hornets nest.   :-)

BTW I wouldn't usually work for such a low rate but as I have closed shop
prior to a move overseas and have some spare time(Unusual), if I were
closer I world do it just for fun. Hell, didn't have to look for the work,
there are no obligations, easy!

{Quote hidden}

1997\03\17@020054 by jattievdl

The rate as discussed by you fellows my not seem viable in the USA, but
considder the current favourable Rand/Dollar exchange rate plus the
opportunity to actually do some real work on PICS. Currently the
Rand/Dollar is about $1:R5.6 and that pretty much adds up to our
"professional" hourly rate.

Something to considder I'd say.

You can actually buy "professional" services at a 'student' rate if you
keep track of the international currencies. The average rate for
'Engineers' in South Africa is about R160.00 /h to R300.00 /h for
software developers.

Depending on the actual application you're talking about you can
actually do quite well by contracting foreign developers.

Best Regards

Jattie van der Linde.

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