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PICList Thread
'Last try'
1997\03\06@042147 by David BALDWIN

Hi all,

       As I got no answer to my question of last week, I am trying again: I
have got a Kenwood tuner with a data bus to control it, does someone
knows the protocol? I heard someone talk about pressure and temp
sensors, he had code to control it and he told he would make it
available to the list. Did someone saw this?


 \           /               David BALDWIN
  \ ALCATEL /               Design engineer
    \     /         SdM (Societe de Microelectronique)
     \   /
      \ /      B.P. 4205            Phone : +32 (0)71 442932
       V       B-6000 Charleroi     Fax   : +32 (0)71 442905

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