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'LZH Utilities - where to find them?'
1999\01\08@050304 by Andy Stephenson

Hi people,

Can anyone provide me with a link to some LZH utilities? In particular, the

Your help is appreciated.



1999\01\08@062020 by Mark Willis

face reports about a gazillion possibilities;  Try this one:
(Make sure that's all on one line!)  408k.

Or: for a
slightly earlier version.  356k.

 Neither one appears to be particularly quick to download, the later
one's downloading now so if you cannot get 'em I already snagged 'em and
can e-mail them.

 The SimTel repository is another great place to find such utilities
(Find a mirror near you;  Start from
There's a great one I've used, for example, off (or see your
local mirror.)


Andy Stephenson wrote:
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1999\01\11@023532 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

look at SimTel. There is one.

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Andy Stephenson wrote:

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