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'LCD driving and other things.'
1998\02\09@025128 by Louis Pretorius

I need some help on my first PIC project.  It might be slightly
ambitious but what the heck!

My application calls for 2 A/D's, a keypad interface a 5 digit
(7-segment) LCD display and a pizzo for sound.  It is battery driven and
battery life is an important issue.

I need some guidelines as to which PIC to choose as well as info on a
driver for the LCD.

Any help will be appreciated.


1998\02\09@034414 by Morgan Olsson

picon face
PIC14000 has parts on chip to make a 16-bit resolution single slope A/D
I just started playing with it.
Parts are:
       Referene voltage
       Temperature sensor
       MUX (8 ext in + internal above)
       Current regulator and discharge for ext slope cap
       16-bit timer with capture register, controlled by
       analog comparator
The A/D slope current regulator is temperature sensitive, so you really
have to measure against the reference voltage often and recalibrate.
There also are two 8-bit D/A and comparators. 0.15 - 0.85 V
And a stupid zener occupies one i/o pin.

The A/D noise in 16-bit measure in my application is about 8 LSB peak-peak,
and then I have done a lot to stabilaze both supply and measured voltage,
so some sort of filtering is needed if using full resolution.

Probably you will nees some external IC to extend number of I/O.

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