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PICList Thread
'KICKED OFF LIST for Re: Fw: gang initiation...'
1999\04\13@133440 by Ron Barnes

picon face
I was KICKED off the list for this, no explanation, no
warning, nothing but the notice from the listbot.
Looks like the list owners have finally lost it.

In response, I have formed another Piclist, at
Onelist, perhaps that will have a better S/N and has
some more features like lookupable digest and a shared
file area.

To subscribe point your browser at or send an
empty email to

I'll probably be booted again for this, and you know
what, good!  The list will dry up shortly if the
owners continue in this light.

> ----------
> : From: Ron Barnes <.....ka1kjzKILLspamspam@spam@YAHOO.COM>
> : Subject: Re: Fw: gang initiation...
> : Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 3:14 PM
> :
> : Oh god here we go again
> :

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1999\04\13@153850 by Scott Shidel...

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, jory bell wrote:
> seriously though, the piclist was recently on the verge of succumbing
> to spam and general s/n degradation. we have aggressively moved to
> eliminate spam through listserv configuration changes. we are also
> enforcing an admittedly subjective unsubscribe penalty for both the
> genesis and continuation of offtopic threads. perhaps ron somehow
> missed the rather extensive recent discussions on this topic.

Ooops.  Well I guess I am on of the ones that will soon be kicked, but
maybe I can get a say in before I go.  I didnt see the discussion about
the new changes, mainly becuase this list got so off topic I quit reading
it..I just scrolled my inbox finger on the D(delete) key.  I used to read
everything.  it got real bad when there RIP stuff was up, the religuos
crap, etc.  This isnt a chat room.  Get a life somewhere else.  I come
here to learn about pics.
Only reason I responded to that off topic post is it really burns me up
when a newbie makes a mistake, and a high and mighty person that has been
on the net feels the need to show them how cool they are.  As if that
person has never been new before as well.  Im talking about the individual
that changed the topic to "THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!!"
Im sure the original guy is thinkin "gee, im glad I tried to help you out

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