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PICList Thread
'Internet access'
1999\06\04@123139 by varney

I have an external data logging device using a PIC16F84 that I would like to
send data out over the internet to a similar device. I realize that a modem
is required. I may be able use a PC at either end and send the data through
a serial or parallel port. However what kind of software is required for
direct communications if the PC makes the internet connection?

suggestions please.

Gordon Varney

1999\06\04@123506 by Harrison Cooper

this months issue of INK has a 1200/2400 baud modem design in it, using the
SENIX chip. BUT...depending on size you need, if you can get away with a
larger box, be cheaper if you can find a couple of old modems.  The
'interface' between the phone lines and the modem chip are not that cheap,
and have to be FCC accepted (unless you don't care about that aspect of

1999\06\04@190019 by Larry Fostano

picon face
PcPlus is a great piece of software that is easily configured.We use it
currently between two modems in the same building thru a telephone pbx system
and it works great.I can't see that you would have any problem with your
setup.Try it , you can always download a shareware version from the net to
try before you but.

1999\06\04@232944 by Mark Willis

Kart Lunt (of the Seattle Robotics Society) had a Nuts & Volts article
on using FNOS, his favorite software for doing this, off the Epson
IM-403 he bought from Timeline.  Though I think I'd suggest the EIO $47
486SLC2/50 instead =)
> Automatic data collector  (no picture yet):  I've added some web-available sof
tware to my IM-403 (see below) to create a system
> that collects data from sensors, dials my ISP, uploads a new web page containi
ng the data, then disconnects and goes back to
> gathering more data. The system functions without human interaction, using a s
cheduler program similar to Unix's cron.  Best of
> all, it runs on a 486 DOS box!  A full article, including script files, appear
s in the September 1998 issue of Nuts & Volts magazine.

 Look like it'll help?  FNOS is designed to push files up across FTP
links, basically, so if you are dumping data into a Dos file, you're in
good shape here...


varney wrote:
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