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'Incremental encoders, I need help please!!'
1999\04\13@172328 by Gavin Tennant

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Okay, I've tried searching through the archives but I just can't seem to
find the information I need! I know you guys are pretty brainy out there so
maybe you could help me?

I'm building what is known in my trade (sawmilling) as setworks.  This
basically measures the output from an optical rotary encoder counting the
pulses and measuring the distance travelled. The shaft of the encoder is
mounted onto a rack system with teeth. I've ripped out the old Klockner
Mueller system to build my own (it had lost the program and proved to
expensive to replace) but am having trouble getting pic (a 16C64A) chip to
count the pulses properly.

Right: Problem 1: The keypad to enter the sizes isn't being recognised
correctly! I based the program round one I found in the cookbook and
simulated it where it worked properly, just doesn't seem to work when
plugged in (the wiring is correct from the keypad to the chip, I've had that
checked) Any ideas??

Problem 2: Simple electrical fault here that I just can't fix.  The pic
drives a couple of relays to switch a 240V supply for the motors, this seems
to reset the whole system or mess the counting up, any electronics boffins
who can help with that one??

Problem 3: (I know, there's a lot of them!) The main problem is that it
doesn't count properly.  The encoder was built by a company who no longer
exist but I can get a replacement from a company called Ideacod. There
encoder which is the exact spec of my one is an incremaental PAO2 5 7 9 480
type encoder  Now, I can't really help with the numbers as I've gone and
lost the book with them in (I've phoned for a new one which I can supply to
anyone in the know!)  It's counting at 480 pulses per revolution, tooth
pitch of 8mm and 96mm per revolution of the encoder (or 0.2mm per pulse).
These pulses are basically being fed into the pic (after a bit of cleaning
up) to count and move the motors accordingly.  By the way, my idea is to
type the number in on the keypad and the whole shebang moves to that size.
The whole thing simulates correctly on mplab but doesn't work at all when
connected to the machine.

Can anyone help me out there please?? I've been at this off and on for over
a year now! If you want or need any more help with exact specs of this thing
or need to know anymore about what I've done then I'd be more than happy to
give you a copy of the source and/or circuit diagrams!

Again, I know this seems a lot but I'd be eternally gratefull to anyone who
can help!

Thanks and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!!

Gavin Tennant

1999\04\14@005138 by Troy P.

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