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'Image Sensor[OT]'
1998\01\07@114933 by Walter Banks

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> From: Octavio Nogueira <spam_OUTnogueiraTakeThisOuTspamMANDIC.COM.BR>
> I read an article about an Integrated CMOS Image Sensor with
> on-chip ADC made by VLSI Vision.
> It's a monocrome 160x120 pixels digital camera sensor with serial
> interface. It would be a great device to attach to a pic and send images
> to a remote station.
> More informations can be found on
> The sensor is VV5300. Does anyone know where to buy one?

There are a couple CMOS camera's out there now just
getting to the point where they can be turned into commercial

Photobit is an other company that has a CMOS sensor on a chip
that still has production problems for mass produced items. It is
8bit 512X384 color. It is also promising 10ma current requiremments
at 5 v.

Most of the CCD camera's require several unusal voltages to
interface to a processor. Connectix has both color and BW
camera's that use PIC's The BW is 320 / 240 and costs about
$100 US. Both of Connectix's camera's use TI sensors.

One of developers at Byte Craft has a 5" scope that I adaped
a Connectix color camera to be used instead of a standard
1 1/4 inch eyepiece. Makes great wallpaper on my PC at work
there is a photo essay of the adapter and some images at

Walter Banks

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