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'IR Remote, the final chapter'
1997\05\14@165619 by Bob Fehrenbach

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Regarding my recent inquiry concerning parts for IR remotes, in
particular, alternatives to the NEC UPD1620, here is a summary of the

SGS Thomson (M3004LAB) and Philips (SAA3004) make parts which appear
to be pin for pin and would do the job although the encoding is
different from that used by NEC.

Some people have rolled their own.

A universal TV remote is worth looking at.  Radio shack has one for
$15.  In my quantities I can't get a case for that.  It is quite
likely that this could be adapted for our use.   Range might be a
factor.  We'll see...

Since the receiver code will have to be rewritten in either case,
I get the chance to design out a Z8 and stick in a PIC.

Thanks to:  Kalle Pihlajasaari, Steve Miller, Carl Bieling
Riginald Neale and Gary Skinner for their suggestions and comments.

Bob Fehrenbach    Wauwatosa, WI

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