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'I goofed (was Re: SMD Soldering witha miniture blo'
1997\08\18@104403 by Martin McCormick

       That message of:
Hostname            Hardware       New_ip
buckwheat.cis       0020AF8220D6
All requests were successfully filled.
--------------------------------------------------------- Monday 8 /18/97 9 :2

was a major mixup on my part.  I had been reading PIC list stuff and got a
phone call to fix a problem dealing with what I get paid to do.  I did and
forgot where I was in mail folders and replied to that message which, of
course, went to the PIC list.  Sorry for the extra spam.

       While I am at it, the only thing I see wrong with the gas-powered
torch is that it might get too hot and ruin the component.  I don't know
how good the temperature regulation is with those little torches, but
heat is heat and that is the only thing I can see that might cause a problem.

Martin McCormick

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