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'How does I2C work'
1998\08\17@170200 by andre

Hi to all engineers

I am new to I2C.
I would like to know more about I2C.
this is what I know about it.
I would like to hear from experienced engineers see if this is correct
or not.

master or slave mode

master can be transmitter or receiver
master can control the clock and data start the clock  or stop it

start and stop conditions

I2C doesn't have start or stop bits it has start and stop conditions
when clock is 1 and data is 1 it is in stop mode
the data will move when clock is low

it will first send

1. address ( 1-7 bit  2^7= 128  units possible to control. like ID
number )
2. first bit (0) is to select  read or write  1=write  0=read
3. first 7 bit is data ( I2C sends always 7 bits data )
4. last 8th bit is for verification it will send and  wait for receiver
to respond to make sure
   the receiver got the data. while waiting the system is idle
5. repeat  4
6. repeat  5
7. back to 1

it this correct

Andre  Abelian

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