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PICList Thread
'How can I identify incoming PICLIST email?'
1998\02\08@142021 by Russell McMahon

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I receive PICLIST messages in the daily digest form, largely
because I otherwise receive a very large number of
individual messages which other email can get lost amongst.

An obvious (?) solution is to automatically transfer PICLIST
messages into their own inbox. Unfortunately, they do not
seem to have any common characteristic which I can use to
identify them. I am using Internet Explorer 4 which has the
ability to filter on contents of various fields but
presumably other browsers offer similar capability.

What are other people doing to address this problem?

1998\02\08@143240 by Brian Schousek

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I have had good luck with 'if To: contains spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU send to
xxx folder'

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From: Russell McMahon <>
Date: Sunday, February 08, 1998 2:19 PM
Subject: How can I identify incoming PICLIST email?

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1998\02\08@174514 by Bill Rininger

I sort them by the to: field.  Anything coming in to PICLIST goes to my pic
I am also using IE4 so this shoul work for you to.


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1998\02\09@225828 by Shelby Neuhouser

I am new at this, but I also use filters in Netscape 4.04. You can set
up all kinds of cryteria for the sort.

Russell McMahon wrote:

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1998\02\10@104051 by Dennis Merrill

I filter mine by the sender spot in the header and look for PICLIST - works
every time!

At 09:18 PM 2/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
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