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'Hi-voltage from a chip'
1997\02\11@022055 by Kim Runholt


> The 555 is used in a voltage doubler circuit, to get over the problem
> with some serial ports of a low voltage, insufficient to meet the PIC's
> programming spec. It's nothing to do with the timing.


I learned that a 16C84 internally generates its own voltage for
programming the EEPROM. I now wonder if it is possible (and cheap) to
build a programmer for the parallel port, which generates its own
programming voltage (12-14V). If a single chip could eliminate the need
for an external power supply, it would lead to a much handier programming

Any comments?

- Kim

Mr. Kim Runholt                 | Student at the Faculty of Engineering and
Finger for PGP public key.      | Science at Aalborg University, Denmark
E-mail:       | Homepage:

1997\02\11@180851 by Bill Merson

picon face
The Charles Manning PIC16c84 programmer uses a 555 as a voltage multiplier to
generate enough voltage, from the 5 volt supply, to get 13.6 vdc for the
programming voltage.  This unit is available in the US from Marlin Jones in
Florida for $39.95 USD.
Bill Merson

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