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PICList Thread
'Hi all. New Subscriber..newbie question already.'
1998\12\09@002611 by Scott Shidel...

Hi all
I am new to PICs..hell, I am new to uP's..I am a senior mechanical
engineering student at the University of South Florida. I am working on a
pic project as well, as it looks like the "easiest" way of doing what I
need once I get accustomed to the PIC's uniqueness.
I got into this thing thining it would be no big deal, because I took a
class called Instrument Systems where we worked on a Z80 based single
board computer.  I could program that thing like theres no tomorrow.
Problem is, it had no features, and like 5 registers, which made it
simple.  It sure was easy to work with.  Anyhow, here is my current
question..I have Myke Predko's book Programming and Customizing the PIC,
and it has sample code for doing 16 bit multiplication.  I tried entering
it and my product is nothing correct so I assume I did something wrong.
Can someone send me a program for a 16c711(if it makes a diff) that will
do a*b=c?
Thanks alot

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1998\12\09@003039 by Michael Hagberg

i don't have the book so it's hard to review the code, but this message was
posted in reference to the microchip code and might just be the same code
and problem you are having.

I found the problem with FXD1616U - it WAS a bug of sorts,
in the macro UDIV1616L in FXD1616U. LOOPCOUNT is set
to 16, to perform the divide on all 16 bits, the problem is that it
does not specify the radix and I was using HEX so 16 -> 22
therefore there were 6 too many leftward shifts. It just goes to
show that you can't just trust a routine from an appnote blindly.

Thanks anyway,

Alex Thomas.


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