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PICList Thread
'Help wanted in electronic'
1999\04\30@141455 by Christian

picon face

I recently discovered the PIC as I was looking for small circuits to control loc
on a model railroad. I know some manufacturers have already made those controlle
rs but 1)
I think they don't have all the features I need in order to control my railroad
and 2) I
thought it would be fun to try to do my own system.

I read throught the datasheets and even bought a book about the PIC and I think
I've come
to the point where I understand weel enough how to program the PIC (I already pl
ayed with
Z80 and 68xxx in the past so I'm not a real newbie in assembler). I even bought
PICSTART+ and wrote/simulate little programs in MPLAB4.

I put together a small circuit with a 16F84 on a protoboard to lite LEDs or 7 se
displays and it worked fine.

Here comes the hard part : I don't know much about electronic and I've come to a
where I have my project on the paper and some code already written (especially t
network part) and I need to start to test the "real thing".

To give you an example of own dum I am when it comes to electronic I haven't bee
n able to
make the decoupling cap to work and I blow an entire circuit when I tried to hoo
k up a DC
motor, a H-Bridge and the PIC !

So, anyway, I'm looking for someone who could either make the project with me or
at least
help me on the key topics. In fact I think it would be great if I can find someo
ne in my
neighborhood to really work with.

Here are some of the topics the project covers :

-Controling a DC motor with PWM
-Networking PICs together via the railroad power rails (2 rails system)
-Providing power to the locomotive throught the railroad power rails (2 rails sy

I was thinking of the 16F84 to start with but I think I'll have to switch to a 1
6F876 as
it will handle the hardware better and provide more code space (8K).

I'm living in LA right now but will be moving to SF by June. I will give more de
tails and
my address to anyone interested enough.

Also, I don't intend to spend too much money on this (only for the parts and may
be some
little manufacturing, basicaly) so I'm not gonna hire a freelance or a company f
or this :
THIS IS HOBBY ONLY, NO COMMERCIAL NEED. As a counterpart I can help people writi
programs for the PIC, or any other language/platform.

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'Help wanted in electronic'
1999\05\02@204443 by Valter Gruntar
Hi Christian:
try this:


1999\05\03@121759 by Christian

picon face
Hi Valter,

Thanks for the link, it's defintely a good starting point for my project,


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