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'HEY LOUIS (was Re: Simple(!) LCD Driver)'
1998\02\14@094528 by Andy Kunz

>>>         Louis,
>>>         The MM5452 and MM5453 from National Semiconductor
>>>         (and Motorola) will drive 32 and 33 segments
>>>         respectively and 1 backplane.  They have a simple
>>>         2-wire interface (clocked serial data).
>>        Thank you Bob, this is exactly what I was looking
>>        Is there anyone that has come across any source
>code for driving
>>either of these chips?


I have PIC assembly source code on my web page.  Try to download the file

If that doesn't work, PRIVATE e-mail me at and I'll send
it right out as an attachment.

Several others on the list have used it and it works ok (it better -
they're building them by the thousands!).

I also have a few 4x7 LCD's for sale if you're interested (described in the
ZIP file).


                   Andy Kunz - Montana Design

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