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'HART ???'
1999\04\12@175133 by DAZLOGAN

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Can anybody briefly explain what HART is, and what the advantages of it are
over other comms protocols, and how it can be implemented with a PIC ?



1999\04\12@183559 by wagnerl

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HART "Highway Addressable Remote Transducer" protocol is an industrial
instrumentation protocol.

The physical layer uses Bell202 Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) to
superimpose digital signals at a low level on top of 4-20mA. So a
analog/digital mix circuits are required.

The control layer is not an easy one, and it requires constant updates
from several other news devices being released on the market. This is
what looks like to be the problem with this protocol.

Few communication devices producers charge for updates annually for
their software "device tables", what makes it not so attractive. The
protocol is intelligent and requires a medium-high size processing

Hart implementation requires a medium to high memory microcontroller for
code and tables, and I am not so sure if a PIC would be the best
microcontroller to be selected to such job. For more information  take a
look at:


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