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PICList Thread
'Future Product'
1999\04\21@120433 by John A. Craft

Is the MPLAB-ICD or the PIC16F876 available yet?  If not, does anybody know

And of course, how much?


1999\04\21@130317 by Eaejrphd

picon face
Went to Microchip seminar in Richardson, Texas yesterday.  The ICD is great
(they demo'ed it) and will be out in mid May.  Behind schedule a bit.

Microchip is now sampling the PIC16F876-ES/SP now.  I received two samples
(the present limit) in the mail yesterday.  Contact your local sales office.


1999\04\22@004315 by Tjaart van der Walt

"John A. Craft" wrote:
> Is the MPLAB-ICD or the PIC16F876 available yet?  If not, does anybody know
> when?

I've actually got two samples of the 16F877 in front of me
(quad flat packs). I will try them as soon as I get word from
Mchip on what they will cost. I am thinking of laying out the
next PCB in such a way that I can use either the PIC or the
ATMEL just by placing, or leaving a few zero ohm resistors.
The footprints are soooooo close. The ATMEL has a few extra
ground & power pins.

In this way we can use Mchip until we have tested the ATMEL
code fully. Our problem is that every time we change anything
on the PCB or code, we *have* to get new Full Type Approval
(FTA) to be able to sell our GSM-based products. FTA sets us
back US$100 000 every shot, so it isn't exactly a breeze to
change micro's.

> And of course, how much?
Too much! <G>

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