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'Free Win95 Front End'
1997\12\28@004714 by richard skinner

I don't know if anyone is interested or not, but
I just wrote a nice little front end for Windows 95
that allows Editing, Creating, & Syntax Checking
of .BAS files using Stamp.exe.  This Front End
Also Allows Compiling the .BAS files into .SRC
and .HEX Files using PBC.EXE.  It Also Remembers
the last program, chip type, options you used.
You can work with and compile programs in different
directories and drives instead of having to keep
every source file in the same directory as your compilers.

You must own your own Stamp.Exe and
PM.exe and PBC.exe.

PM.Exe and Stamp.Exe is written by Parallax,Inc.
and is Free on their Web Site

PBC.EXE  is Pic Basic Compiler by MicroEngineering Labs,Inc.
MEL can be reached at

If your Interested in having a copy email me
direct and just ask.

Richard Skinner

'Free Win95 Front End'
1998\01\05@073810 by WF AUTOMACAO
richard skinner wrote:
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I'm very interested! Your "Front End" communicate with the Stamp, using the

If yes, may you send me the Source? Which language did you use?


1998\01\05@154738 by rwskinner

Try  for the program.

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>  serial?
> If yes, may you send me the Source? Which language did you use?
> Miguel.

1998\01\06@214816 by Blad Cap

picon face
Please tell me more about this.
Blad Cap
On Mon, 5 Jan 1998 10:41:05 -0800 WF AUTOMACAO <@spam@wfKILLspamspamAMBIENTE.COM.BR>
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1998\01\06@221312 by richard skinner

There is a web page at
under Freeware and Shareware.  It has screen prints of the software
and descriptions, and a download link.

Its Just a Windows 95 Frontend or Menu type setup that allows
you to Launch Editors, Compilers, Programmers from the same
Window using a GUI.   It will also allow you to Auto Compile and
Auto Burn a Chip after exiting the editor.  It remembers all the settings
and files you were using when you exited from the program last,  this
means  the Last Source File, Last Pic Type, Last work directory,
Last Programmer and compiler ......

Richard Skinner

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