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'Flex Sensor info'
1998\05\16@195131 by miked

Picked up a Flex Sensor from Jameco (150551).
This unit measure 10K when flat and up to 30-40K when
bent to 90 degress.
Data sheet says it is from Images Company who has a WEB page
where they sell this and other robotic items. On back of unit it is
labled Abrams Gentile Entertainment patent 5.086.785.
It consists of a piece of mylar 4 inches by 1/4 inch with 2 terminals
on one end. One terminal is connected to a silver conductive strip. This is
covered with a strip of carbon resistance. On top of that are isolated silver
conductive squares with the last smaller one conneted to the other terminal.
Price is $10 which seems a bit expensive for what it is but something
to play with.

1998\05\18@041902 by Carl Wainwright


I once tried to get hold of some of these sensors. And as being in the
UK, its slightly hard.

The sensors you mention are normally used in Virtual Reality Data Gloves
for measuring finger flexing.

The sensors contain some resistive ink, which has a property of
resistance change when bent. They are quite expensive for what they
don't do

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1998\05\18@121534 by Reginald Neale

Inexpensive flat sensors which respond to contact pressure are available from:

Interlink Electronics
546 Flynn Road
Camarillo CA 93012
805-484-1331 voice
805-484-8989 fax sales email

The small ones are around $US3 in quantity. They also have a kit with
several types and some application info. If memory serves me, I paid about
$US75 for it last year.

I have no financial connection to them; this information is supplied just
as a matter of interest.

Reg Neale

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