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PICList Thread
'FW: [Programmers] MPLAB v4.00.14 Interim Release -'
1999\04\13@183657 by Steven Kosmerchock

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Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Engineering Technician/Student
Phoenix   Arizona   USA
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Subject: [Programmers] MPLAB v4.00.14 Interim Release - Programmers
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MPLAB v4.00.14 is posted on the Microchip web page

This interim release contains updates for most MPLAB tools.  Here is an
overview of the changes in the device programmers for this version.

PICSTART Plus v1.50.15 - firmware v2.00 16C54C          16C55A
16C57C 16HV540
16C773          16C774
16F874          16F876          16F877

See README.PLS for full details of changes and list of part supported.

PRO MATE v4.30.13 - firmware 4.24.02
New Devices Supported:
16C54C     16C55A

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