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'Explosion Rocks Midwest electronics lab'
1999\02\15@110937 by Lawrence Lile

Yesterday I was asked to examine an appliance that had "made a spark" in the
test kitchen.  I


and plugged it in.  Nothing much happened.  I took off the case, placed a
voltmeter probe on a likely spot, turned it on and


Paper everywhere.

A power supply diode was shorted, putting MAINS AC voltage directly on an
electrolytic capacitor.  They sound like a .22 caliber rifle going off.  And
they shoot the can across the room hard enough to put a hole in the
suspended cieling.

I could have been blinded.  Wear them specs, boys!

1999\02\15@152633 by William Chops Westfield

face picon face
One of my favorite memories is from the EE lab course required at my
(ivy league, very theoretical) college.  I think we were analyzing an
amplifier circuit (note, you didn't design an amplifier or anything, you
just built the circuit in the book and measured it in various ways.  Bah!)
It included an electrolytic capacitor.  I believe we were warned to assemble
things correctly, but you have to understand that these (3rd year) students
has mostly never built even a heathkit, so some didn't pay as much attention
as they should have...

Suddenly...   BANG!  "Wah!  I don't want to be an engineer!"


1999\02\15@154544 by Darren Logan

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Hee hee!, been there, done that and still got the T-shirt which the capacitor
splattered itself all over.   :-)


1999\02\15@205446 by Bill Bennett

Hey Wait to see what 480VAC does to a pair of 6000uf caps usually takes the
doors off the cabinet.

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From: Darren Logan <spam_OUTDAZLOGANTakeThisOuTspamAOL.COM>
Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 3:45 PM
Subject: Re: Explosion Rocks Midwest electronics lab

>Hee hee!, been there, done that and still got the T-shirt which the
>splattered itself all over.   :-)

1999\02\16@115326 by Darren Logan

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Ever seen a BC108 do an impression of a light bulb ? - I have.

Simple connect base to -50VDC and emitter to +50VDC with the collector sitting
around +80VDC.



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