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'Err, this is SO confusing =( [OT]'
1999\04\29@180123 by paulb

John Payson wrote:

> To allow passengers on the bus to indicate that they wish to stop at
> the next location, there is a pull-cord on either side of the bus just
> below the luggage rack.  Any passenger who wishes to signal the driver
> to stop may pull the cord, overcoming spring tension and causing a
> bell to ring.

 Well, that's how it *used* to be, and in my pre-automobile-owning
youth when I used to ride the things, the implicit wiring of the
switches and the R-S relay logic of the annunciator was not lost to my

 I hadn't ridden one for years until a couple of weeks back and it was
a kind of eerie experience.  They now have dot-matrix destination
displays, fare card readers and are built a litle different but on
reflection, aren't all that different.

 The pull cords were not there however.  That puzzled me a moment as
there was certainly a "Next Stop" indicator light.  Then I realised that
on every vertical pole, a few inches above the seat, there was a
recessed call button.

 Looks like it really is "wired-or".
       Paul B.

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