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'Erasure of code protect bit'
1997\04\28@042928 by Wolfram Liebchen

At 09:58 28.04.97 +0830, you wrote:
>? Is it likely that some UV eraser bulbs emit different frequencies and that
> could penetrate the
>die they use more easly & therefor erase the eprom cells more easly. The UV

The shorter the wavelength, the better is the penetration of the layer above
the code-protect bit. So a UV-C eraser should do the job faster than a UV-B
eraser (same intensity assumed). Best would be soft X-ray (as was proposed
some time ago).
But not everybody own a x-ray machine and the higher the photon energy is,
the likelier is the damage of the chip by the radiation (your PIC won't
get cancer, it would die).



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