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PICList Thread
'Embedded Design Bulletin'
1999\04\16@141325 by Todd Peterson

We've had a large number of recent subscriptions for our new free
newsletter "The Embedded Design Bulletin" and wanted to make certain that
no one was left out.

Our initial announcement from last week is attached below; if you'd like to
be on our quarterly mailing list just visit

-Todd Peterson
E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc.

-------- Initial Announcement Below -------

E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc. announces the commencement of The
Embedded Design Bulletin, a quarterly newsletter overviewing current
embedded electronics design topics.  Geared toward microcontroller
circuit designers and other embedded design engineers, it contains
recent press releases, frequently-asked questions & how-to's on current
design topics, as well as cost-saving design techniques every designer
can benefit from.  We encourage you to offer your comments, tips,
suggestions, and circuit design know-how to share with our readers.

If you'd like to be on our mailing list (free of charge) just visit and enter your mailing information
(you can select postal or e-mail delivery).  In addition, you can also
download a copy of the current Embedded Design Bulletin (Acrobat PDF
format) from that page.

We hope you find the Embedded Design Bulletin of interest now and in the
years ahead.

Thank you,

 Todd Peterson
 E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc.
   (816) 257-9954
   FAX: (816) 257-9945

'Embedded Design Bulletin'
1999\05\03@164349 by Todd Peterson
I just wanted to drop the list a note and mention that the first edition of
the Embedded Design Bulletin is back from the printers and will be mailed

We're very excited about this new publication.  With contribution from our
readers, it should be an effective means of sharing design hints & tips and
discovering the latest the microcontroller design world has to offer.

If you've already visited our site and put your name on our list, you
should receive your copy shortly.  If you'd like to be added to our
quarterly mailing list, just visit:

and fill out the address form.  Also, I just reviewed the site logs and see
that about 2000 electronics copies have been downloaded in the past few
weeks.  Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see in the next edition!

Wishing you continued success,

Todd Peterson, President
E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc.
(816) 257-9954

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