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PICList Thread
'Editor Survey [OT?]'
1998\05\19@055631 by Osama ALASSIRY

Hello everybody,

This is not realy off topic, it's somehow related to PIC programming.
I was wondering what features do you like and hate in your editors....

what do you need?
* customizable syntax highlighting? (to use for many languages)
* project management? (for multiple file projects)
* launching compilers and other tools from the editor?
* spell checking?
* what else?

what do you *LOVE* in your current editor?
what do you *HATE* in your current editor?

please reply to me directly


1998\05\20@155333 by Bob Shaver

I use CodeWright under WinNT, used to use Brief under DOS and Win 3.1.  Good thi
ngs about CodeWright:
* Templates for auto-expansion of common coding constructs
 (sometimes good, sometimes I turn them off 'cause they interfere)
* Selective display: collapse code like an outline, can view only function
 declarations, expand only functions you want to see, expand or
 collapse code blocks within functions (i.e. collapse the long IF
 statement to you can see the rest of the function).
* built-in grep and multi-file search and replace.
* Takes error output from compilers/assemblers and
 points you to the offending lines (like IDE editors).
 Built-in support for most commercial compilers that also
 happens to work with the PIC compilers and assemblers
 that we use.
* Automatic background code scans for variables and functions,
 lists them in dockable window.  Click on function name to go
 to that function.   Even checks across multiple source files
* file differencing and merging facilities
* Block comment assistant (type block comment text
 freeform with word-wrap enabled, then 1-button to
 convert block to comment.  User-defined start, end and
 middle of comment characters.
* Code reformatter (a.k.a. pretty printer)
* Many ways to customize: write-your-own DLLs,
  AppBasic, Perl, keyboard macros
* Can extend the on-line function help for your own
 in-house library functions.
* bookmarks (named and anonymous), in multiple files
 (and it remembers them between editing sessions).
* Project oriented (any or all settings can be unique
 for each project or common to all projects).
* spell checker, can be limited to check ONLY comments,
 or to check only quoted strings (what your customer sees).
* built-in support for version control software
* customizable syntax highlighting (of course)
* launch compilers and other tools (of course)

On Tuesday, May 19, 1998 5:26 AM, Osama ALASSIRY [SMTP:osamaspamKILLspamALASSIRY.COM] wrote
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