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'Eagle: CadSoft (Was Re: Eagle CRACK!!!!!)'
1999\01\17@141609 by Mark Willis

Eagle Light's made by CadSoft, in Germany.  Publishing a crack for a
$50 package that's already free for non-profit and evaluation use (in
somewhat limited form aka "crippleware") is just stupid & self-defeating
- I've been talking to Eagle and (so far) they seem a really rational,
nice company.  I'll try their software out soon enough.

 I asked them, could I put my one $50 version of the software on
several machines (laptop & desktop so I can work where-ever I have
time), so long as I was the only person to use it on any one of those
machines at a time?

 They answered, Sure, so long as you are the only user, you can even go
ahead & use it on two at once if you need to look a schematic section up
(Paraphrasing here - but they're VERY reasonable, I hate to see anything
happen that'll hurt a business that's this reasonable & supportive of
small companies!)

 Not that $50 twice for two machines is that bad, compared to the more
common "$700 per copy, you have to pay for each machine and per upgrade"
pricing so often seen here!

 If you can afford to use THIS package, and make money off it, then,
you can afford to pay $50 to upgrade to the full version, I'd think.


Keith Causey wrote:
> Pardon my ignorance but I just did  a search on Eagle Lite and all I found
> was a poetry publishing house. You guys are not talking about poetry though.
> Are you?
>                                             Keith Causey
> {Original Message removed}

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