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'ELEXOR in New jersy'
1998\02\03@100435 by sam Haile

picon face
Hi all,

P.O Box 246
Morris Plains
NJ 07950

does any one know if the above company(electronic shop!) still exist?

I found an article fom the 80s with a project plan I want to build on a
called radio electronic...the magazine is now know as  "electronic now"

the article says I can get the neccessary electronic component from the
above address. I have search the net  under the name but couldn't find

please email me back with any information you may have.



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1998\02\03@203811 by Andy Kunz

At 06:45 AM 2/3/98 PST, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>P.O Box 246
>Morris Plains
>NJ 07950

You can find almost any person or company in the USA.  Go to
(those are digits, not letters).

I find it very handy to look up friends from the past.


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         Hardware & Software for Industry & R/C Hobbies
       "Go fast, turn right, and keep the wet side down!"

1998\02\03@233013 by Ken Pergola

sam Haile wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Hi Sam,

Yes the company still exists. I still have the Talking Alarm Clock project
kit that they sold. I recently
contacted them to get some more info regarding the clock, but the designer
of the clock has left the company and apparently no information is left
regarding the Talking Alarm Clock. Very unfortunate.
Do a search on "elexor" -- I think the postal address has changed.

Good luck,

Ken Pergola

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