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'EAGLE CAD PIC library bug'
1999\03\19@021200 by Jim Robertson

Hi folks,

(In the off chance someone on the piclist has heard of, or uses EAGLE CAD)

It appears that there is a mistake in the EAGLE cad library. The 17C44 part,
(and probably other 17Cxx parts too) appear to have pin numbers 9 and 18
transposed. This is a real concern if you use the schematic capture to
route your PCBs. The 17C57x adapter that was spoken of recently on the
piclist suffered this very problem.

Check it out from yourself and email cadsoft and let them know. Half a dozen
emails should bring quick results.

Stop press! I have just sampled a random number of 17C4x parts and they all
contain the same error.

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