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'Dual-Axis Tilt-Sensors'
1998\10\17@041816 by Zack Cilliers

Hi There!

I have stumbled across an article in a news letter that
may have some interest seeing this topic was discussed
some time ago.

The DX-045 and DX-008 are dual axis polymer based
electrolytic tilt sensors.

These sensors provide economical and reliable two
axis tilt solutions for applications where very good
linearity, high resolution and superior symmetry are

                   DX-008D                        DX-045D
Range         -20 to +20                       -90 to +90
Resolution   <3     arcsec typical        <22
Repeatabil.   <0.01  arcdeg typical       <0.03
Linearity      <1% @ 8 deg.                <7%  @ 70 deg.
Response    <20 msec.                     <20 msec.

The EZ-TILT-1000 is a dual axis conversion IC.
this 18-pin DIP or SMD I.C. is capable of providing
continuos inclination information for dual axis tilt
sensors in a std. 8-bit RS232 format (19.200bps).
An additional analog input on #17 is available for
optional temperature or any other environmental
input used for monitoring or correction of the
output. Response time is 20 msec.

For more information e-mail
or have a look at

I have no interests in the above company, as I said
I stumbled on this in a news letter.


1998\10\18@084505 by miked

{Quote hidden}

Here is the OEM of the EZ-TILT

Mike DeMetz N9GEZ
Elkhart, IN

1998\10\19@105909 by Andy Kunz

>Here is the OEM of the EZ-TILT

The EZ-TILT sensor is what is used in the SubTech APC-3


Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA

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