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'Daylight negative Process'
1998\11\25@011855 by Steve Tomes

>Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 01:05:47 -0500
>From: Steve  Tomes <>
>Subject: Daylight negative Process
>I originally purchased a starters kit 3 or 4 years ago....still only used
half of supplies and have made a lot of negatives...I make a lot of
>They sold a "starter/sampling Kit fo @ $50...that is what I it!
>They sent a plastic board to wash and rince on...a bottle of
activator..and a package of film..50 sheets 9X12..   I juyst print with my
laser printer on a sheet of acetate..and use the acetate face down on a
sheet of negative.. (scratchable side up)   Expose to bright sun light @4
min or to a UV source...I built a frame to expose two sides at once....(8
mini tube bulbs each side).....A 5 min max exposure. After exposure you
just spray on activator...wait 1 minute and then slowly and lightly rub off
the un-exposed emulsion.....with just a little pratcise you can get really
good resultys...I have done down to a size .008 line with care!!
>DAYLIGHT AQ (tm).....AQ Activates...spray bottle
>FILM: Daylight AQ...Product # 912-50....50 sheets /high resolution
platemaking negatives 9"X12"
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