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'DTMF tones'
1997\03\13@203220 by John Doe

If anyone has some code to produce DTMF tones.....thats about as simple
as you can get thats well documented i'd appreciate it. David Thomas's
code is real good and he has been helping me but all the extra keypad
stuff seems to be confusing me. I just want a program that lets me put
in the values of the tones I want.

If anyone has this in the Parallax instruction set i'd appreciate it.
I'm going to use this as a memory tone dialer, just a few phone numbers
programmed into it, so I don't need anything fancy.

If it was written for a clock speed besides a colorburst crystal....i'd
appreciate some info on doing the math. I don't know too much about PICs
either, I had been programming the 68HC811 for a while and it seems like
I have to learn about the PIC's again.


1997\03\22@212444 by John Doe

David Thomas was helping me out with his DTMF code.....its the dialer
with the wakeup on keypress keypad thing....i'm off from school this
week and he's out of town....:(....can some one help me out ....
I want to run his code on a 16C84 running on a colorburst crystal....i
don't need all the keypad stuff though.....i just want to be able to
specify the phone number to dial....and have it dial it when a key is a radio shack memory dialer.....but a heck of a lot
cheaper.....his code is in the parallax instruction set.....but if
anyone would rather do it in the microchip set that would be fine....i
barely know either...and i have the manual for i'd be happy
with whatever someone can give me....


PS feel free to attach a lot of code if you e-amil me....:)

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